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As in weaving our aim is to attain perfection and create the ideal product fer every process and application . we are deeply involved in a wide range of filtration engineering activities , including flirtation tests (fluid and gas) , elements design and manufacturing . 23



We leave nothing unturned to improve current technologies and consequently our products . As far as the production equipment is concerned , it is mainly machines specially designed and constructed by cooperation of PACO . The production spectrum of our filters include an extensive range including :

Cartridge or candle filters , stainless steel , with different degrees

Flat filters of the following configurations :

  • Spinnered filters
  • Discs with and without rim
  • Pleated and unpleated edged discs
  • Rectangular filter with and without rim
  • Sieves of different configurations spot-welded to each other
  • Metallic gaskets