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Weaving Division

Wire cloth has the advantage of being an efficient filter medium . it is used for separation including solid , liquid and gas , dewatering , sifting , screening and can be found in many forms throughout industries in general .
One example is our plain Dutch weave HF, which has proven to be the right filter medium for difficult filtration application.



Wire mesh has specific reputable characteristics consistent with a wrap and weft construction , Mesh shapes vary the most common are :

  • Square mesh (plain weave)
  • Square mesh (twilled weave)
  • Herringe bone twilled weave
  • Five heddle twilled weave
  • Plain dutch weave "PACO HF"
  • Twilled dutch weave
  • Plain dutch weave
  • Plain dutch weave , "DUPLEX"
  • Reversed plain dutch weave
  • Broad mesh twilled dutch weave
  • Metal fibre with one sided back up screen (PASOFIL)
  • Precision laminated metal mesh

We offer hundreds of standard combinations in different wire gauges and openings , so that they are not limited to defined standards in such industry and in some cases there are combinations of some standards with the very low error coefficient in spectrum of the products .
In case one of these items can't do the job , a dedicated engineering staff of PACO and Damavand Felez and Damavand Saafi Industry & MFG Group are standing by to manufacturing to your needs.
We provide a total capability to custom design and build elements tailored to your specific applications .