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With our valuable technical know how earned from long years of experience and close collaboration with our customers and classification of the requirements and innovation of the specialized solution and finally gathering all these information , we have been succeeded to establish the strong scientific and industrial base assisting us in design of filters and special filters and wire cloths.
this combined knowledge allows us to advise our customers , existing and potential , of improvements available.


Damavand Felez and Damavand Saafi Industry & MFG Group , by execution of continuous investment plan , is ensuring the optimization and updating the production methods .
Our Weaving Factory takes advantage of the very modern technology of PACO equipped with computerized control system for weaving equipped with machinery being capable to the present required standards according to the requirements and needs pf different industries .
With consideration to the final product , we have tried to combine the investment and technology factors and as a result our machinery and equipment are always the most updated ones.


In production process of this company , all the sections including the raw materials , manufacturing process and final product are verified by the quality control unit in order that any error or deviation from the defined standards to be impossible.

For presenting the products with the high weaving quality , continuous control of production methods is compulsory and this is among our daily processes.