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Company Objectives & Procedures

4 The method of concentration on client's problems and rendering the applicable solutions for them which are continuously promoted to its ideal level through the process of products improvement and optimization of our manufacturing techniques is the working policy governing on Damavand Felez and Damavand Saafi Industry & MFG Group .Materialization of such objective has enabled us to export our products to different countries of the world .
We work in close partnership with our customers , to offer future -oriented solutions to their problems . By taking advantage of the PACO Technology (with the records and backgrounds of 50 years ) , this industrial group is the pioneer in the middle East in making the metal mesh and different filters with the same quality of PACO .

PACO brand is equal to quality and durability and for this reason all the customers in different industry , are applying the high quality of PACO .



Partnership with PACO has enabled us to hand over our customers and expanded spectrum of our products .

Transfers of technology and know-how from PACOfor more than two decades , tools , instruments and factory of modem machinery , professional and condensed working ways and methods and expanded manufacturing know-how , making us enable to expand the innovative solutions and to manufacture suitable product. Throughout this period , we have built an extensive base of knowledge , which is available to all our customers.